• This monster seems to be the older version of "Fire King Avatar Garunix". Despite this, the said card cannot Summon this card with its effect.
  • This card's name is a portmanteau of the mythical creatures, Garuda and Phoenix.
  • This card's effect may reflect the mythological ability of the phoenix to rise from the ashes after death.
  • This card's appearance is based on an entire family of mythological creatures:
    • This card bears a strong resemblance to the Phoenix from Greek mythology and the Firebird.
    • The feathers of this card are based on the Fenghuang, the Chinese version of the Phoenix.
      • Understandably, this card is similar to the monster "Fenghuang".
    • This card connection to the Garuda, the Hindu and Buddhist version of the Phoenix, is its name, as the Garuda is often depicted with a birdman-like body, while this card has a more bird-like body.
    • This monster has teeth in its beak, just like Balinese Garuda.

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