• "Inzektor Ant", "Inzektor Dragonfly", "Inzektor Ladybug", "Inzektor Hornet" and "Inzektor Firefly" appear in this card's artwork.
    • The weapon is a combination of each of the monsters' respective weapons.
    • "Inzektor Firefly" is operating the weapon, while the other "Inzektors" are carrying it. This may be a reference to the low total ATK and DEF of "Inzektor Firefly", suggesting that he does not have the strength to support the weapon, but instead has the technical knowledge to operate it. This is also insinuated by the artwork of "Inzektor Firefly".
  • Despitethe "Inzektor" archetype being based on Kamen Rider, the artwork looks very similar to the combo weapon set up from any of the Super Sentai/Power Ranger series. However, the TV series & movies for both Kamen Rider & Super Sentai are made by TOEI.
    • Though it may not appear as it is, this could be the artwork of Hyper Kabuto's "Maximum Hyper Cyclone", one of its ultimate attacks where it collects and combines all the Zecters so that it can charge and fire.
  • The name, cost and effect of this card are a reference to "Final Destiny".

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