• This card's Japanese name 火舞太刀 kamai tachi is a pun on 鎌鼬 kamaitachi (literally "scythe-weasel"), a type of Japanese yōkai (a type of supernatural monster in Japanese culture). The two words are pronounced identically, but 火舞太刀 translates to "flame-dance long sword" rather than "scythe-weasel". Both of these meanings are reflected in this monster's design and artwork as part of the pun.
  • As the Japanese name's pun would be impossible to replicate in a different language, this card's English name instead focuses on alliteration to create a different kind of wordplay. The English name is based on the ferret mammal and the sport of fencing; the latter of which is a sport involving sword combat. The latter is also supported by this monster's tail, which appears to be sword-like.

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