• This card is the sealed form of "Exodia". In fact, before "Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord" was released, Konami publicized this card as the final incarnation of "Exodia".
    • This card being a Rock-Type monster with high DEF may also be a nod to the fact that the original five pieces of Exodia do not have offensive feasiblities on their own and, if need be, would otherwise be used to defend the player's Life Points. This is supported by the anime, when the Rare Hunter did this as a last-hope strategy against Yami Yugi by Summoning Exodia's head.
  • This is the only incarnation of "Exodia" that is not DARK or a Spellcaster-Type.
  • This card's DEF is equal to the combined ATK and DEF of "Exodia"'s pieces.
  • This card has the highest DEF of all Rock-Type monsters, and the second-highest DEF of all monsters, behind "Five-Headed Dragon", "Dragon Master Knight" and a few others.
    • It is also the monster with the highest DEF that needs the fewest cards to Summon it.
  • This is the first non-anime card with 4000 DEF that doesn't also have 4000 ATK. This card would later be followed by "CXyz Skypalace Babylon".

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