• This and "Gagagarush" are the only cards in all of Yu-Gi-Oh that goes for a higher value of ATK or DEF for its damage effect so far.
    • This card and "Gagagarush" are also similar in the guise that the target monster is destroyed first before the effect damage is applied.
  • In this card's artwork and the original anime, regular orange flames are shown and used by "Evil HERO Inferno Wing". In the dub anime, "Inferno Wing" uses blue flames (presumingly to makes the flames less realistic), but the irony with this is that blue flames are of a higher temperature and therefore, burn hotter than regular flames.
    • This fact also applies to the anime-only "Gorlag", whose flames in its original artwork were orange, but were changed to blue in the dub.
  • Inferno Wing's visor is likely a reference to the Image Comics supervillain Bomb Queen, who also wore a visor as part of her costume. Coincidentally, "Elemental HERO Avian" bears some resemblance to Image Comics character Shadowhawk, who is one of Bomb Queen's arch enemies.