• A reversed lunate epsilon (∋) symbol appears in this card's artwork.
    • As reversed lunate epsilon refers to one thing that is consisted of multiple elements, this may refers to Xyz Monsters which consists of Overlay units/Xyz Materials and thus it was used to create Lulu's bracelet.
  • This epsilon can also be seen as a "3", correlating to the "=" in "En Flowers" as part of Pi.
  • This is the card that created Lulu Obsidian and Yuto when Ray Akaba and Zarc separated their personalities.
    • Fittingly, the birds that are shown when Leo Akaba reveals this card's purpose are Siberian blue robins, a species of bird which is a nod to the origin of Lulu's Japanese name "Ruri".
  • This card's effect of negating the effects of all Xyz Monsters refers to the fact that it was created to neutralize "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon".