• This card is very similar in appearance to "Zaborg the Thunder Monarch" (whose Japanese name means "Thunder Emperor Zaborg"), featuring the same Type/Attribute combination, and similar clothing. This monster could even be considered an unofficial retrained or evolved counterpart to "Zaborg."
    • This monster also strongly resembles "Zaborg the Mega Monarch," with which it even shares the same Level. Given that "Zaborg the Mega" is the "official" evolved counterpart to "Zaborg" "Emperor of Lightning" might be better considered a Counterpart to it. Ironically this monster's clothing and armor more closely resembles "Zaborg's" original design than "Zaborg the Mega's" does.
  • This monster might also be considered the inspiration for the "Mega Monarch" sub-archetype altogether, as it was the first upgraded version of a "Monarch" card to exist and established the precedent for the upgraded counterparts to be Level 8. However, it is important to note that this monster is not part of the "Monarch" Archetype, as it does not have "帝" in its Japanese name.

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