• This monster is based on character designs from Guyver and the Ultra Series, even sharing its name with one hero from the latter series.
    • It is also possible that this monster is based on "Silver Surfer" given the color schemes and their origins in space.
  • "Neo" is a Greek prefix meaning "new", showing him as the new "Elemental HERO".
  • The French flavor text formerly contains nouvel Héros, which is ungrammatical as the word héros contains an aspirated h. Not until the release of the Ra Yellow Mega Pack was this error fixed.
  • This monster has the following distinctions from the other main protagonists' signature cards:
    • It is the only ace monster who does not appear within the first few episodes of its series.
    • It is the only ace monster of a protagonist from a spinoff series to be a Normal Monster.

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