• This card's effect that does something to a Summoned monster other than by this card's effect and Summons a Token Monster afterwards is similar to the first effect of "Black Garden."
  • The eye in the middle of this card's picture was first seen in Future Colors.
  • During the duel between Sherry LeBlanc, Akiza Izinski and Crow Hogan, the rose garden and ruins theme that is visible on this card became the scenery for Akiza and Crow's fields respectively.
    • This is quite fitting because Akiza's scenery can embody her affinity for Plant monsters whereas Crow's surroundings could allude to the "ruins" that were once his home in Satellite.
  • Interestingly, Sherry used this card while serving Z-one.
    • This may explain this card's name--it is fully in French ("École" meaning "school" in French) which makes this card's name translate as "School of Z-one". In addition to Sherry's French nationality, this card may abstractly be related to how Sherry was temporarily "being taught" the truth by her "teacher" Z-one in pertinence to what, according to Z-one, was the truth about the future, the fate of her parents, and what she can do to bring them back. Later, when Sherry lost her Battle Royal Duel, with Akiza and Crow, she "graduated"--in that she began to think for herself again and thanks to the verbal interventions from her opponents before, during and after the Duel, believed that she can help change the future, if she put her mind to it.
    • Moreover, a school is typically a facility--likewise, the Divine Temple was Z-one's "facility" where Sherry, along with Aporia and Antinomy, were at one point, "serving" as his "students" by preaching what they felt were his truth to their respective combatants.