• This card may be a reference to the song "Eccentric Shounen Boy."
  • This monster's wings resemble the wings on the Mark of the Dragon and the lines found on the Dark Signers' robes and faces.
  • Though this card is included in the second Duelist Pack for Yusei, this card is not technically Yusei's card. Though it belonged to Sly, Yusei did borrow and use Eccentric Boy in his duel against Rudolf Heitmann.
  • "Eccentric" is synonymous for words like "weird" and "odd" and this card has a very odd appearance and has an equally odd effect for a Tuner monster.
  • This monster, "T.G. Cyber Magician", "Malefic Parallel Gear" and "Mara of the Nordic Alfar" are the only Tuner monsters in all Yu-Gi-Oh that allow their non-Tuner Synchro Material monsters to tune with them from hand for a Synchro Summon.

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