• The name Ccapac is based on Capac or Qhapaq. It means "Ruler" or "Warlord".
  • An "Apu" is an ancient Inca deity of mountains.
  • This card seems to be based on both the Giant and Astronaut geoglyphs of the Nazca Lines. Also, the Giant Geoglyph is shown with its right arm raised. When "Ccapac Apu" is summoned in the Anime, its right arm comes out first. Also, its card artwork displays it seemingly reaching out with its right hand. In the Anime, the mark on Kalin's arm is the Astronaut, while the geoglyph in the purple flames is of the Giant.
  • In one myth that this card's name might be based off of, Manco Capac, who according to Inca mythology was the first emperor of the Inca Empire in Cusco. He is also referred to as being the son of the sun god Inti and the moon goddess Mama Quilla, both of whom have a card version that are used by Rex Goodwin.
  • Ccapac is pronounced "Cacapac"; however, in the dub it is pronounced "Cocopac".

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