• Since this card was a prize card first released at the World Championship 2013 which was held in Las Vegas, there are a number of references to that city present:
    • A pit boss or pit manager is the person who supervises the employees who work in a casino pit. Las Vegas is well-known for its many casinos.
      • There is also a roulette wheel design at the bottom of this card's artwork.
    • This card being Spellcaster-Type may be a reference to Las Vegas's performing magicians, and its LIGHT-Attribute may be a reference to one of Las Vegas's nicknames being the "City of Light".
  • This card is the first "HERO" Xyz Monster.
    • It is also the only Xyz Monster to portray clearly visible Xyz Materials (Overlay Units) in its artwork, which appear to be roulette balls.
  • This is the only card whose TCG name includes the character .
  • According to this card's Japanese name, the "E" in "E☆HERO" stands for "Entertainment".


  1. 【公式】遊戯王OCG: Twitter

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