• This card is "Slacker Magician", being more academic, as opposed to being a "slacker". It has its ATK and DEF reversed and its Attribute changed from LIGHT to DARK.
    • The fact that this card can be Xyz Summoned by using "Slacker Magician" in the Main Phase 2 can imply that it wanted to slack off and not do battle, but finally decided to be productive later.
    • In one of the Master Guide 4 storylines, "Slacker Magician", this card's former self, began to slack off and stay at home all day. "Alchemic Magician", her best friend, became concerned about her and tried several times to inspire her to work again. One of those attempts can be seen in the artwork of "Xyz Tribalrivals". Eventually, "Alchemic" succeeded. In this card's artwork, "Downerd" is smiling as she works on the potions.
      • In this story, "Alchemic" claims that "Downerd" is gloomier than before. However, this card's zealous smile and the fact that several of her potions invigorate the user both prove "Alchemic" wrong.
  • "Downerd" in this card's name is a portmanteau of the words "downer" and "nerd".
    • The "nerd" part of its name references "Slacker Magician"'s Japanese name that includes a portmanteau of the word "NEET" (which is often associated with being "nerdy").

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