• This monster's oddly-shaped mouth gives off the appearance of a mustache when viewed on a smaller scale (or on a printed card), making its face resemble a 'Guy Fawkes' mask, famous for its useage in the comic book based film, 'V for Vendetta'.
  • This card also has similar appearance to a "Monarch".
  • This monster appears to be performing a "Dark Core", which removes a monster from play.
  • This card's effect evokes the effect of "Card Trooper": both involve Deck thinning to increase their own ATK and gaining Hand Advantage while destroyed.
  • This monster may actually be the apprentice of "Caius the Shadow Monarch", or even an young version of "Caius", judging by their appearances and effects.Ironically they are historycally opposites in terms of Type and Attribute
  • This card's effect is ironic seeing how it needs to be destroyed and sent to the graveyard while he recovers a card banished from the game.

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