• "Terrorking Archfiend" and "Snipe Hunter" appear in this card's artwork; both are monsters with die roll effects, which are hindered by the results shown on the depicted broken die. "Terrorking Archfiend" appears to be scolding "Snipe Hunter".
    • The events of this card's artwork are followed by the events of "Diceversity", and somehow connected with the events of "That Six".
  • This card's artwork resembles an event from the second chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, where a die also ends up split in two, with the 1 and 6 sides of the die as results.
  • The card's Japanese name is a pun on the Japanese words 出目 (deme "dice-roll outcome") and 駄目出し (damedashi "judging someone (negatively) and urging them to improve").
  • Its English name is a portmanteau of the words "dice" and "denied".

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