• "Meda Bat" appears in this card's artwork, acting as this monster's familiar.
  • This monster and "Lyna" are the only "Charmers" to have handcuffs on their left wrists, hinting at a relationship between the two.
    • This is further supported by the fact that their "Familiar-Possessed" forms are capable of searching each other out. ("Dharc" specifically searching for LIGHT monsters, "Lyna" Searching Spellcasters with 1500 DEF)
  • From this card's artwork and the artwork of its upgraded form ("Familiar-Possessed - Dharc"), it appears that this monster is missing his right arm.
  • In the Japanese version of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4, it is stated that this monster is male, making him the only male member among the "Charmer" series.
    • There are conflicts regarding this card's name in several languages. In German, Italian and Spanish, Dharc is referred to respectively as "Zauberer", "Ammaliatore" and "Encantador" (instead of "Zaubererin", "Ammaliatrice" and "Encantadora"), all of which reflects the fact that Dharc is male, while in French, he becomes a she due to his feminine title "Charmeuse".
  • This monster is the only "Charmer" who does not have a pom-pom hanging from their hip. This could largely be in part to him being the only male "Charmer".

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