• This card is based on a ouija board, which is further implied by its Japanese name and artwork.
  • The hand of "Dark Necrofear" appears in this card's Japanese artwork.
    • In the Tag Force series of games for the PSP, the special animation that plays for completing "Destiny Board" shows the said monster rising up out of the darkness to complete the board's message.
  • In Japanese, this card and the "Spirit Message" cards collectively spell out the English word, "DEATH". In all other languages, they spell out the English word, "FINAL".
  • This card's Japanese artwork is taken from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Duel 146: "The Undying Grudge!", specifically from the panel where the letter "D" materializes in midair, albeit with minor changes in details.
  • This card and its "Spirit Messages" can be considered comparable to the "Forbidden One" archetype:
    • Both have a victory condition that involves 5 specific cards.
    • The "Forbidden One" cards are all Monster Cards, whereas this card and the "Spirit Message" cards are all Spell/Trap Cards.
      • Specifically, the cards that list the victory condition are different from their related cards ("Exodia the Forbidden One" is an Effect Monster, differing from the remaining "Forbidden One" Normal Monsters, while this card is a Continuous Trap Card, differing from the "Spirit Message" Continuous Spell Cards).
      • Another interesting fact is that they represent a specific monster with "The Forbidden One" cards representing Exodia and "Destiny Board" cards representing Dark Necrofear.
      • What's even more ironic is Exodia belonged to Yugi while Dark Necrofear belonged to Bakura. Both which are major characters of the original Yu-Gi-Oh series.

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