• This card is based on the Deltatry boss from Gradius Gaiden. The Deltatry attacks by releasing Trigons, fire dragons, at the player's fighter. Interestingly, whereas the Deltatry is a "core boss" in the video game, the card version is not part of the B.E.S. archetype, possibly due to its origins as a player ship in the arcade game "Lightning Fighters/Trigon".
  • This card's name is named after the Greek letter 'Delta' (Δ), the Greek equivalent to 'D', and likely after the Greek word for 'three', which would be 'Tria', effectively being named D-3.
  • Since the Greek letter Delta is represented by a triangle, it's very likely that its name comes from its triangular shape, the Tri part being a reference to its three points.

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