• The picture on Bokoichi's card is the same as on this one taken from a different angle.
  • This engine is roughly based on a Japanese steam locomotive of the same name (Dekoichi). Close observation of this card's artwork and the artwork of "Bokoichi the Freightening Car" reveal it to have a 2-8-2 wheel configuration with a double bogie tender, and the nameplate on his forehead read "DE-51", which, phonetically, is the same class number as the real prototype, a D51. His effect and ability to draw more cards depending on the number of "Bokoichi the Freightening Car" cards on the field relate to how a train delivers freight.
    • The code on his forehead, DE-51, can be read as De-ko-ichi(5=ko, 1=ichi), which is this card's name.

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