• This card acts as a counterpart in several ways to "Breaker the Magical Warrior." They both have a similar name and appearance, both have the same ATK and Level, and they both gain a Spell Counter when Normal Summoned to produce an effect. Also:
    • "Breaker's" emphasis is on his ATK and sword; "Defender's" is on his DEF and shield.
    • "Breaker" is DARK, while "Defender" is LIGHT.
    • Their color schemes are also the opposite of each other; "Breaker's" armor is red while "Defender's" armor is blue.
    • Their effects are also opposites of each other, since "Breaker's" effect destroys Spell or Trap Cards, while "Defender's" effect protects Spellcasters (hence the names).
  • This monster has one Spell Counter in the center of his shield, one on his dagger and five on his armor, which equals a total of seven visible Counters.

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