• This monster has a defensive-based LIGHT counterpart: "Encode Talker".
    • While this card is offensive-themed, its effect is far more defensive than "Encode Talker".
  • This monster has a counterpart that supports others: "Excode Talker".
    • While this card's effect draws strength from others, "Excode Talker" grants strength to others.
  • This monster has a counterpart that sacrifices others for its own power: "Powercode Talker".
    • While this card's effect sacrifices others to protect others, "Powercode Talker" sacrifices in others to empower itself.
  • This monster appears in the artworks of "Recoded Alive", "Link Restart" and "Limit Code".
  • This card's second effect is similar to that of "Stardust Dragon."
  • This card can be viewed as a personification of Yusaku because it gains power by using others to achieve its goals (similar to how Yusaku views Ai as a tool for his ends).
    • Furthermore, its effect that requires sacrificing a monster it is Linked to for the safety of its allies is similar to how Yusaku wouldn't hesitate to delete Ignis if the Knight of Hanoi didn't stop his destruction of LINK VRAINS.

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