• This card's name is a play on Batlamyus, the Arabic name for the astronomer Ptolemy.
  • This card is a watered-down counterpart of "Tellarknight Ptolemaeus", due to possessing the soul of "Gem-Knight Lapis", the twin to "Gem-Knight Lazuli", which makes up "Ptolemaeus".
    • Their Attribute, Artwork, ATK and DEF are the inverse of each other.
    • Both cards are named after Ptolemy.
    • Both cards have effects that require 7 other cards as a prerequisite for activation. This card requires 7 or more "Tellarknight" monsters with different names in its controller's Graveyard so its effect can be activated during either player's turn, while "Ptolemaeus" can detach 7 Xyz Materials to activate one of its effects.

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