• "Neosphere" can be translated as "new orb" or something similar from Greek. This maybe a reference to Nightshroud's desire to fold the entire world into his own.
  • This card is considered a "Neos" card due to it's naming. However, this might not be a mistake since the background of this card appears to be "Neo Space". Ironically, this card was used by Nightshroud against Jaden Yuki, who uses the "Neos" archetype. Another piece of irony is that in the OCG/TCG, this card can be used as a Fusion Material for "Elemental HERO Divine Neos", the monster that defeated it in the anime.
  • The left claw could be a reference to the myth of the left side of a person's body being considered evil as being left handed was frowned upon during medieval period.
  • This monster may be a corrupt version of Themis, Greek goddess of justice. According to the Greek legend, Themis was blindfolded in order to be just. Like Themis, both in the card's artwork and in the anime this monster has her normal eyes blindfolded. However, being a corrupt version of Themis, more eyes appear from her body, seemingly mocking the idea of justice.
    • This can be further supported by the fact that before their Duel began, Nightshroud promised Jaden that he will be judged. This card being Nightshroud's ace monster could be what Nightshroud was referring to.

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