• This card is a rare case where its Materials were changed after being released; in the anime, it requires 2 Level 5 monsters, while in the OCG, it was changed to require 3. This was likely due to its high ATK for a Rank 5 monster.
  • A "Requiem" is a Mass in the Catholic Church offered for the repose of the soul or souls of one or more deceased persons. This is represented by the energy wings and orbs of "Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon" having a distinct stained glass pattern like those found in the windows of Catholic Churches.
    • It is also fitting as "Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon" appeared when Yuto was feeling grief for leaving his friends to the mercy of Duel Academy and many of them were turned into cards as a result.
    • Also, "Rebellion" being replaced with "Requiem" in the name mirrors Yuto being apart of a rebel group fighting the Duel Academy to mourning his friends.
  • This card can be considered the Xyz counterpart to "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon" and "Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon" as they all share similar traits, though the latter has a few distinctions.
    • They are the evolved form of one of the Four Dimension Dragons.
    • They are 1 Level/Rank higher than their respective Dimension Dragon.
      • In the case of "Greedy Venom", it is 2 Levels higher that its Dimension Dragon.
    • They have 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF.
      • In the case of "Greedy Venom", it has 3300 ATK.
    • They have effects that increase their ATK equal to an opponent's monster's ATK.
      • In the case of "Greedy Venom", it decreases its opponent's ATK.
    • They all made their first appearance during a Duel with someone from the Fusion Dimension that took place in their corresponding dimension.
      • "Crystal Wing" in Yugo's Duel against Celina in the Synchro Dimension.
      • "Dark Requiem" in Yuya/Yuto's Duel against Aster Phoenix in the Xyz Dimension.
      • "Greedy Venom" in Yuri's Duel against Aster Phoenix (w/ Kite Tenjo and Yugo) in the Fusion Dimension.
    • They were created when Yuya entered a state of mind with one of his counterparts.
      • "Crystal Wing" after synchronizing with Yugo
      • "Dark Requiem" after getting possessed by Yuto.
      • In the case of "Greedy Venom", it is summoned by Yuri on his own (though Yuya was awakened at the time).
    • They are Summoned using its corresponding base form and 1 card from the archetype it owner uses.
  • This monster is the only pure Xyz evolution of the Four Dimension Dragons.

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