• This card is based off of one of two religious deities: either the fourth horseman of the apocalypse, Death, or the Morning Star.
  • This card's appearance is similar to that of "Kamionwizard".
    • Interestingly, both cards are also Extra Deck monsters.
  • This card seems to be an antithesis to "Seven Swords Warrior".
    • This card belongs to Jack Atlas, while his rival, Yusei, owns "Seven Swords Warrior".
    • They're both Level 7 Synchro Monsters.
    • They both use Equip Cards to inflict damage to their opponents.
      • This card destroys Equip Cards while "Seven Swords Warrior" supports them.
  • This card's name and first effect may be a reference to the movie Highlander in that if this card is the only Synchro Monster on the field, then there can be only one Synchro Monster out, similar to the movie's tagline.
  • This card and "Light and Darkness Dragon" are the only main Ace monsters used by a rival to not have 3000 ATK. Coincidentally, both have 2800 ATK and are also found only in their respective manga.
  • In the manga, Jack referred to this card as "Black Highlander" despite being listed as "Dark Highlander" in the same scene.

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