• The mouth in the center of this card resembles that of "Mad Archfiend".
  • This card is based on Vlad the Impaler, also commonly known as Count Dracula; the Summoning of this card refers to Bram Stoker's novel, "Dracula". Dracula was a king faithful to God, though he was filled with darkness at the loss of his true love and became the Devil's Son, or in other terms, the Anti-Christ, and thus the two Monster Cards used to Fusion Summon this card being a descent of "Frontier Wiseman" (the king) being possessed by "Possessed Dark Soul" (the darkness). He/it eventually became "Count Dracula", aka "Dark Balter the Terrible".
    • This is also supported by the fact that the effect of "Possessed Dark Soul" can affect "Frontier Wiseman".
  • This card's effect to negate a Normal Spell Card is similar to 1 of its Fusion Material Monsters' ("Frontier Wiseman") effect, which negates Spells that target Warrior-Type monsters you control.

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