• This card's name is a reference to the fact that Fusion Monsters have purple card frames.
  • Like the other "Super Doom King" monsters, this monster resembles a final antagonist(s) from another series: Zorc Necrophades and Nightshroud.
    • The largest wings of "Purplish Armageddon" are similar to Zorc's own.
    • This monster has a dragon head for a tail, similar to the dragon head that Zorc has coming out from his stomach (between his legs in the original version).
    • The smaller two pairs of wings greatly resemble Nightshroud's wings, which he used as his Duel Disk.
    • The fact that this monster has resemblances to two antagonists may be a reference to the fact that both Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX had only Fusion Summon as an Extra Deck Summoning method.
  • This monster's effect to destroy a monster and inflict its ATK as damage is similar to the "effect" that was displayed when Zorc destroyed monsters Summoned via a Duel Disk.
  • This card is the only "Super Doom King" monster that doesn't have a protection effect for monsters the player controls in the OCG.

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