• This card's name is a reference to the fact that Synchro Monsters have white card frames.
  • Like the other "Super Doom King" monsters, this monster resembles a final antagonist from another series: Z-one, the main antagonist from the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime.
    • The shape and color of this monster's face resembles the mask worn by Z-one.
    • This monster's large arms resemble the arms on Z-one's armor, which he uses to manipulate his cards when he Duels.
    • When this card activates its effect, it releases yellow energy in the shape of a card at the opponent's monsters, possibly a reference to the cards contained in Z-one's tubes.
    • Fittingly, this resemblance is also an allusion to the fact that this was the era where Synchro Monsters were played frequently.
    • This monster also bears physical similarities to Aporia in his final form. The golden ring on this monster's back and the layered armor plating on the lower body are similar to those worn by Aporia.

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