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  • This card's DEF is equal to the ATK of "Cyber Twin Dragon" much like the DEF of "Cyber Twin Dragon" is equal to the ATK of "Cyber Dragon".
    • It is because of this that the difference between this card's ATK and DEF (4000 - 2800 = 1200) is the combined difference of the respective ATK and DEF of "Cyber Twin Dragon" (2800 - 2100 = 700) and "Cyber Dragon" (2100 - 1600 = 500).
  • The 3 "Cyber Dragons" fused in this card have different head designs in the artworks of "Cyber End Dragon".
  • Uniquely, this card was once unable to be Summoned using three "Cyber Dragons" as it was Semi-Limited. However, as of September 1st, with the September 2010 Forbidden/Limited Lists, "Cyber Dragon" returns to its Unlimited status, allowing "Cyber End Dragon" to be Summoned much easier. It also allows this card to be Summoned with "Future Fusion", which was previously the signature method of Summoning "Cyber End Dragon".

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