• This card can be considered the Synchro counterpart to "Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon" and "Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon" as they all share similar traits, though the latter has a few distinctions.
    • They are the evolved form of one of the Four Dimension Dragons.
    • They are 1 Level/Rank higher than their respective Dimension Dragon.
      • In the case of "Greedy Venom", it is 2 Levels higher that its Dimension Dragon.
    • They have 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF.
      • In the case of "Greedy Venom", it has 3300 ATK.
    • They have effects that increase their ATK equal to an opponent's monster's ATK.
      • In the case of "Greedy Venom", it decreases its opponent's ATK.
    • They all made their first appearance during a Duel with someone from the Fusion Dimension that took place in their corresponding dimension.
    • They were created when Yuya entered a state of mind with one of his counterparts.
      • "Crystal Wing" after synchronizing with Yugo
      • "Dark Requiem" after getting possessed by Yuto.
      • In the case of "Greedy Venom", it is summoned by Yuri on his own (though Yuya was awakened at the time).
    • They are Summoned using its corresponding base form and 1 card from the archetype it owner uses.

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