• This card's name comes from the fact that, if used on a Level 5-8 monster that can be Tribute Summoned, it will reduce the Tributes ("cost") needed by 1.
  • "Hitotsu-Me Giant" is the card having its Levels reduced in this card's artwork.
    • The stars are not depicted the same way as all of the points are visible whereas three of the points are blurred on Monster Cards in the OCG/TCG, but they are blurred in the anime artwork.
    • The two swords depicted striking through the card's Level Stars represent the Levels that the monster loses.
    • This monster can already be Summoned without a Tribute since it is a Level 4 monster.
  • The DPKB Spanish print of this card has an error, as its lore says "es tu mano" ("[it] is your hand") instead of "en tu mano" ("in your hand").

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