• This card has a "lswarm" counterpart; "Evilswarm Castor"
    • According to the Overlay Guide 2, "Evilswarm Castor" is not a corrupted "Constellar Pollux" but instead his twin brother who was corrupted.
    • In classical mythology, Pollux is the divine son of Zeus and the half-brother of the mortal Castor.
    • This card's ATK is 50 points less than "Castor", and the DEF is 50 greater.
    • This monster's spikes are on the right side, where "Castor" are on the left.
  • This card and "Evilswarm Castor" mirror the brothers in Saint Seiya, Saga and Kanon:
    • One was a good brother, and due to certain circumstances, the other grew up corrupted. In this case, "Castor" became infected to save his brother from "Gishki Psychelone".
    • Both are twin brothers of the Gemini constellation.
    • Like Saga on the Hades Chapter, "Castor" is on the side of the Enemy and wears a dark version of his armor.
    • Kanon was able to make peace with his brother, and like him, "Pollux" is able to return his brother to sanity.
  • This card's effect is based on its Gemini theme; usually, every player can only have 1 Normal Summon or Set per turn, but this card allow another Normal Summon or Set. This card can give twin Normal Summons or Sets.
  • This card appears in the artwork of "Constellar Star Cradle" and "Constellar Meteor".
    • So far, any card featuring either "Castor" or "Pollux", besides their own, feature both of them.

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