• This card is named after Omega Centauri, and fittingly based on a centaur.
  • This card is the second Rank 4 of the "Constellar" archetype.
  • This card could be the complete opposite to "Evilswarm Thanatos"
    • They both have Quick Effects to be unaffected by the effects of other cards by their card type.
    • They both have a similar theme, a horse and a rider.
      • Except, this card is a centaur, a mixture of both.
    • They both need Attributes to Xyz Summon
    • They both have relatively close ATKs.
    • Their positions mirror each other.
    • both of them had 2 other monster that were opposite from each other from previous generation archetypes; "Vylon Omega" and "Steelswarm Hercules"

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