• This card is named after stars that form parts of Leo, the Lion.
    • The stars Delta Leonis, Gamma Leonis, Eta Leonis, and Theta Leonis form the body of the lion, with Gamma Leonis being of the second magnitude and Delta Leonis and Theta Leonis being of the third magnitude.
    • The stars Gamma Leonis, Zeta Leonis, Mu Leonis, Epsilon Leonis, and Eta Leonis form the lion's neck, with Epsilon Leonis being of the third magnitude.
    • The stars Mu Leonis, Kappa Leonis, Lambda Leonis, and Epsilon Leonis form the head of the lion.
    • Delta Leonis and Beta Leonis form the lion's tail: Beta Leonis, also known as Denebola, is the bright tip of the tail with a magnitude of two.
    • The stars Theta Leonis, Iota Leonis, and Sigma Leonis form the left hind leg of the lion, with Sigma Leonis being the foot. The stars Theta Leonis and Rho Leonis form the right hind leg, with Rho Leonis being the foot.
    • The stars Eta Leonis and Alpha Leonis mark the lion's heart, with Alpha Leonis, also known as Regulus, being the bright star of magnitude one. The stars Eta Leonis and Omicron Leonis form the right front foot of the Lion.
  • Leonis is the Latin genitive of Leo, used to name all the stars it consists of. The symbol of Leo, ♌, can be seen at the back of this monster.

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