• This card is named after the Cumulonimbus clouds.
  • This card has one of the highest potential ATK of any monster. Hypothetically, it would work like this:
    • Both players have 60 card decks
    • The Cloudian player, after a few turns, somehow manages to Summon 5 monsters onto the field, one of which is "Nimbusman". (S)he also somehow manages to activate all three copies of "Cloudian Squall".
    • The other player, after a few turns, also somehow manages to Summon 5 monsters onto the field.
    • If no monsters or any of the "Cloudian Squall"s are destroyed for the remaining 50 (or so) turns of the duel, due to the effect of the Cloudian Squalls alone, "Nimbusman" can reach nearly 800,000 ATK.
      • If the other player is also a Cloudian player and gets the same setup, the potential ATK of "Nimbusman" rises to above 1,500,000.

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