• The penalties this card inflicts for each Attribute are based on the characteristics of that Attribute, either in gameplay or in terms of their cultural associations:
    • LIGHT: Reveals the player's hand. LIGHT has no real gameplay focus, but light by its nature is associated with revealing what is hidden, and this effect reflects that 'revealing' property back on itself.
    • DARK: Prevents attacking, either while controlling 2 or more monsters (TCG/OCG effect) or without caveat (anime effect). DARK monsters frequently swarm (TCG/OCG effect) and the Attribute is generally aggressive (both versions). Considering the associations darkness has with evil and destruction, it could also be interpreted as sealing the Attribute's destructive capacity.
    • EARTH: Destroys a Defense Position monster (or any monster, in the anime). EARTH monsters (particularly Rock monsters) frequently have high DEF. Aside from the Rock Type, EARTH isn't strongly associated with any particular strategy, which may be why its anime effect is similarly generic.
    • WATER: Forces discards. Particularly in the past, when this card was released, WATER had some mild hand control themes. Also, forcing discards disrupts the opponent's strategy, as opposed to being a straightforward attack on their field or Life Points, and the element of water is associated with passivity, subtlety, and (in martial arts) disruption.
    • FIRE: Inflicts effect damage, which is strongly associated with this Attribute.
    • WIND: Restricts activation of Spell Cards. WIND monsters frequently have Spell/Trap removal effects, and a large number of Spell/Trap Cards that do Spell/Trap removal are based on wind and storms ("Mystical Space Typhoon", "Heavy Storm", "Giant Trunade", etc).
  • The effects of this card in the TCG/OCG when DARK, WIND and EARTH monsters are on the field differ when compared to the effects of this card in the anime and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 3. Also, this card did not have a Maintenance Cost when used in the anime and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 3.

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