• This card is the Synchro counterpart of "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon", "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon", and "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon".
    • Just like the anime effects of "Odd-Eyes" and "Dark Rebellion", this card's effect affects Level 5 or higher monsters. Unlike the other two cards, however, and like "Starving Venom", that characteristic was retained for this card's OCG/TCG effect.
    • Like "Dark Rebellion" and "Starving Venom", its effect allows it to gain ATK dependent on the target of its effect
    • Like how its counterparts are a reference to their owner's origin, "Clear Wing" represents Zarc's anger and hatred on humanity. Reflected by Yugo's short temper and hatred against Yuri.
  • "Clear", meaning transparent or obvious, alludes to Yugo's straightforwardly impulsive personality. "Wings" are symbolic of freedom and speed, both of which are important aspects of Turbo Duels.
  • When this monster attacks or activates its effect, a glowing circuit board-esque pattern appears on its wings.
  • This monster shares several similarities with "Stardust Dragon": both are WIND Dragon Synchro Monsters with identical ATK and DEF, have white scales and emit a sparkle when they fly, have an effect negation effect, and are used by major characters who ride Duel Runners.
    • This monster is the signature monster of Yugo, sharing a similar striped design with his Duel Runner.
    • While "Stardust" has a more defensive intention in effect (Victim Sanctuary), "Clear Wing" has an offensive intention (Dichroic Mirror).
    • The "Clear" in this card's name may allude to Clear Mind, which is necessary to perform an Accel Synchro Summon in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.
  • This monster has the following distinctions from the other Four Dimension Dragons:
    • It is the only member to not have glass-like spheres embed in its body (though it does have glass-like wings, hence its name).
    • It is the only member without legs, making it a pure sky-based monster.
    • It is the only member whose Attribute is not DARK.
    • It is the only member that can use more than two monsters in its Summon mechanic, provided no modifications are made.
    • It is the only Extra Deck member that can use Token Monsters as Material.

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