• This monster appears in the artwork of "Backfire".
  • This monster has "I ♥ CHOP" printed on his forehead, referencing his favored method of attack. Similarly, "The Kick Man" has "I ♥ KICK" printed on his forehead.
  • This monster is based on Chopman, a character from the original manga. Chopman was a serial killer hired by Seto Kaiba to terrorize and ultimately murder Yugi Mutou and his friends. He was burned alive when Katsuya Jounouchi was forced to face him in a life-and-death game. Like the character, the card is killed by fire, as depicted in "Backfire". He is based on the character of Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series of movies, as well as the typical "slasher"-style chainsaw-wielding maniac.
    • Chopman's effect of being able to use Equip Spells is also a likely reference to his original appearance, as the game he played against Jonouchi involved both players choosing a weapon and using it to kill the other.

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