• This is the first "CXyz" monster used by a Barian Emperor.
    • Also, it is the first monster in the "Barian" archetype; all previous "Barian" cards were Spell or Trap Cards.
  • Part of this card's Japanese name is a subtle corruption of the Japanese name of "Number 39: Utopia"; while the relevant part of both cards' names are pronounced identically as きぼうおう Kibō'ō, the Japanese name of "Utopia" is written ぼうおう while this card's name is written ぼうおう.
  • On this monster's face is featured the Barian Emblem.

CXyz abilities

  • This is the only "CXyz" monster to have Overlay Units which are used by "Number C" monsters.
  • This is the only "CXyz" monster not to have a base form.
  • This is the only "CXyz" monster to be Summoned through a regular Xyz Summon, as opposed to any method of Xyz Evolution.

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