• This card has an upper half counterpart: "Viser Des".
  • Like its counterpart "Viser Des", this card seems to be a torture device based on an electric chair, which is used as a death penalty in many places.
  • This card is most likely called "Byser Shock" in the TCG as opposed to Viser Shock in the OCG due to a mistranslation of the katakana.
  • In the anime, "Byser Shock" is effectively replaced by "Holding Legs" in Yami Marik's Deck when he duels Mai Valentine. The two have the same ATK and DEF, and have a similar effect which returns face-down cards to the hand, but "Holding Legs" only affects Spell and Trap Cards. Like how "Holding Legs" combines with "Holding Arms" to restrain the opponent's limbs, "Byser Shock" combines with "Viser Des".