• This card is the only "Bujin" Xyz Monster that does not require specific Xyz Materials to Summon.
    • It is also the first "Bujin" Xyz Monster to not bear the suffix "-tei", as it does not represent a male god, but a female goddess.
  • Based on the storyline, this monster represents a corrupted "Bujin Hirume" (based on the artwork of "Bujincident") created by "Bujin Hiruko" (based on its lore), wielding three "Bujingi" ("Bujingi Quilin", "Bujingi Crow" and "Bujingi Peacock") which were given back by the three "Bujintei" (on the artwork of "Bujintervention", the three "Bujintei" are depicted fighting "Amaterasu" while missing these three "Bujingi"). Those three "Bujingis" became corrupted in the hand of "Amaterasu", becoming "Bujingi Sinyou", "Bujingi Raven" and "Bujingi Pavo", respectively.
    • Also in the artwork of "Bujin Hirume", the sun is seen shining brightly, but is shown in eclipse in the art for "Bujin Amaterasu", reflecting the "darkening" or corruption of this monster.

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