• In the OCG, this card is named after Wu Song (read in Japanese as Bu Shō) and "wolf" (urufu).
    • Wu Song ranks 14th of the 36 Heavenly Spirits of the 108 Liangshan heroes and is nicknamed "Pilgrim" and/or "Tiger-fighting Hero".
  • The kanji 傷 on this monster's belt and the wolf in this card's artwork means "wound" and "scar."
  • This card is, in many ways, similar to Geargiarmor.
    • They both have identical defensive stats, and when flipped they search out a card for their respective archetype. The only difference is that Geargiamor adds monsters to the hand no matter how its flipped face-up, and Wolf adds a Fire Formation trap card if it's simply flipped face-up; if it's flipped summoned, you get a Fire Formation spell card.
  • It is possible that Brotherhood of Fire Fist-Wolf use Suiken (drunken fist), as is seen drinking during the fight, in the artwork of Fire Formation- Kaiyo

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