• In the OCG, this card is named after Chao Gai (read in Japanese as Chō Gai), the founder of 108 Liangshan heroes, and "lion" (raion).
    • Though not belonging to the 108 Liangshan heroes, Chao Gai was a character from the novel who essentially serves as the spiritual guardian of the outlaws, who make ceremonial sacrifices to him.
      • Chao Gai is nicknamed, "Pagoda-Shifting Heavenly King".
  • This monster is accompanied by a pair of chinese guardian lions who are also related to Imperialism and they are also are usually depicted in pairs.
    • These were also given as a presented as a gift to Chao Gai, explaining the similarities between Chao Gai with his gift and "Lion Emperor".
  • The kanji 守 on this monster's chest and the lions in this card's artwork means "To defend/to protect/Protector/Keeper/Director."
    • The meaning of this kanji can also relate that Chao Gai was guardian of the outlaws, thus the "Fire Fist" monster being based on them.

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