• Inpachi > Blazing Inpachi > Charcoal Inpachi > Woodborg Inpachi
    • "Blazing Inpachi" is the second card of the series of four; it is basically an "Inpachi" that has caught fire ("Blazing Inpachi"), later it gets burnt out ("Charcoal Inpachi"), as mentioned in the card text, but is restored by "Kozaky" to become "Woodborg Inpachi".
  • "Blazing Inpachi" has a distinctly lighter area beneath the "18". This might be a scar from his battle with "Marauding Captain", as seen on "Double Attack" and "Backfire". The scar is also seen on "Woodborg Inpachi".
  • Of the four "Inpachi", this card has the highest ATK. Ironically, it also has the lowest DEF of the four "Inpachi".
    • It's also the only "Inpachi", whose ATK is higher than its DEF.

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