• In the English Raging Battle set (both 1st Edition and Unlimited Edition), there are actually two spaces between "Blackwing" and "Armed", implying that a hyphen was intended to be there (as with the other "Blackwing" monsters) but was mistakenly omitted.
    • This was changed to a single space when the card was reprinted in the English Gold Series 3. For the sake of consistent card names, it was not changed to a "-".
    • This is one of the two "Blackwing" monsters that does not have a "-" between "Blackwing" and its name, the other one being "Blackwing Armor Master".
  • Because of its orange-like hair and the similarity of both card's effects, there may be the possibility that this is the tuned version of "Blackwing - Bora the Spear".
  • In the dubbed anime, when Crow dueled Bolton, this card was mistakenly called "Blackwing Armor Master".

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