• "Ghibli" is the Libyan name for the Sirocco, a Mediterranean wind that flows from the warm, dry Sahara desert to the coast. The Sirocco is capable of reaching near-hurricane speeds (up to 100 kilometers per hour), and is often associated with health problems due to the dust and heat it carries.
  • The name "Ghibli" may also be a reference to the Japanese anime company "Studio Ghibli", which is famous for its films such as "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Castle in the Sky".
  • This card's effect is highly similar to that of "Battle Fader's".
    • This card's design is also similar, with six wing-like protrusions on "Battle Fader" and the six wings on this card, while "Battle Fader" has a pendulum similar to this cards "tail".
  • This Card's design is similar to "Black-Winged Dragon", because the wings are of the same color and extend out in the same fashion. Also, the tails of both monsters are very similar.
  • In the Japanese version of Duelist Pack: Crow, this card is misprinted as a Level 4 monster. The correct Level should be 3.
    • This, while unintentional, actually mimics the error in the anime the first time "Ghibli" is Summoned, but in reverse - it was listed as Level 4 when Summoned, but later on when it is used as a Synchro Material, it is listed as Level 3.

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