• This is one of the few "Blackwing" monsters that does not have any black feathers on it at all.
  • The name "Breeze the Zephyr" is somewhat redundant, as a zephyr is a light wind, just like a breeze.
  • This is one of two "Blackwing" monsters (not including the ones from the manga) to never make an appearance in the anime. The other is "Blackwing - Jin the Rain Shadow".
  • During the commercial for The Shining Darkness set (which features this card), this card is being used as the Tuner to Synchro Summon "Black-Winged Dragon", which is impossible to do in real life, as Breeze the Zephyr's own effect prevents it from being used for the Synchro Summon of a non-Blackwing Synchro monster, and such effect is considered a Summoning Restriction, a type of Condition which cannot be negated.

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