• This card's name is based on Bora, a northern to north-eastern katabatic wind (a fall wind) in the Adriatic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, Greece, Slovenia and Turkey.
  • This card's English name may also be a play on the word Boar spear, a type of spear mostly used for hunting boars.
  • This card's OCG name has nothing to do with wind, yet its TCG name is related to wind. Bora is so far the only "Blackwing" to have this unique trait.
    • However, its name "Blast" could have come from a descriptive of Gust, which is described as a "BLAST of wind".
    • Alternatively, it could come from "Blust", short for "bluster".
  • In the dub anime, this card's Attribute is mistakenly displayed as EARTH.

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