• In the anime, when this card detaches its Xyz Materials, it absorbs them through its spear or chest. Then, when this card negates an Effect Monster's effect(s), it blasts their effects away using winds from its wings.
  • This is one of the first 3 Xyz Monsters released (in Photon Shockwave) that has specific Xyz Materials. The other two are "Thunder End Dragon" and the second one is "Evolzar Laggia".
    • They all have different requirements: Attribute, Card Type, and Type, respectively.
  • While this card is equipped with "Sharkify" in episode 84, Shark refers to it as "Black Shark Lancer". This confirms the speculation that the "Ray" in the name of "Black Ray Lancer" stands for "stingray", as he replaces it with "Shark", both of which are chondrichthyes fish.

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