• In addition to the "Sky Scourges", "Ruin, Queen of Oblivion" and "Demise, King of Armageddon" have effects based on the "Envoys", with the former based on this card.
    • "Sky Scourge Enrise" and "Ruin, Queen of Oblivion" each have one of this card's effects ("Enrise" has the first effect, while "Ruin" has the second effect).
  • Despite the fact that this card (in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime) is so rare it was thought not to exist (as stated during Dimitri's Duel with Jaden Yuki), in episode 49, it is seen in what appears to be Solomon Muto's card shop, being viewed by two kids when Kagemaru begins to absorb Duel Spirits.

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